Saturday, November 22, 2014

Recent Work

I was recently published in a newly released book in Ireland.  Medugorje, what it Means to Me was authored by L. Hall and is a collection of stories and accounts of faith by people touched through Medugorje and our Mother Mary.    As soon as I can I will put a link up on this website. 

Friday, August 15, 2014

What a Ride

So it has been a while.
Much has happened.

All Grace....

And what a ride it has been!

I began my sabbatical about year ago.
I shut down most of my social media connections--twitter, Facebook, and even stepped away from blogging..then....

I traveled to Rome and made a few side pilgrimages.

I climbed mountains in Utah

I played in rock n roll concerts with my son.

I spent time listening...really listening.

I read some, prayed some more, and even did some gardening.

I fretted over the state of the world and the sins and evils.
I prayed.

I let my hair grow (what's left of it) and finally( taking my wife's suggestion) --cut my beard.
I started a new job...then ended up having a full summer of being a Dad, Husband, Son--and Uncle.

I tried to grow organic things in the garden and remodeled a basement.

nnnnnervous dad

snow in Utah

I prayed some more and then would think about writing.
...about finishing a children's book....about maybe getting back into music...and then I realized how fast everyday is moving.

Too fast.

I guess in some ways I needed to just BE.
What this means?
I have no idea.

I would hear of all the evils and sins in the world and think of how trivial me writing some thoughts would be.  So I would just shut down and have restless nights.

Part of me would love to share my insights--the ones that came to me throughout these past months.
(I admit part of me would love to stand and offer a homily or two.  But--not to be--- at least in this lifetime.)

So where does that leave all of this?  For some reason I reinstituted a twitter account and a Facebook page for the book.  I still believe it is a worthwhile story--one that invites the soul to simply surrender.  If you get a chance and happen upon this could you connect the links and share them with your friends?
I believe it may get exciting!!

In the mean time.
Pray and Fast....

twitter is @ShepherdLost

facebook is simply the title of the book;  A Lost Shepherd
from one of my favorite taverns in Gettysburg PA

I find it a little interesting that I decided to blog on this the Feast of the Assumption.
Yep...pray and fast.  Our Lady of Medugorje...pray for us.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

praylium: Sabbatical...unpaid

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