Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Still a lost shepherd...

Another page has turned to a new chapter.
It was a slow turn.

My time of writing and musing and even having a book published--well, it has come to an end.
The book never really made it-not for lack of attempt and good hearted intent...

Life has happened...and, following a variety of challenges and changes, it was time to get back into the work force.  For months, late at nite I would scour the help wanted and job sites, eventually completing yet another online survey and preemployment screening--only to hear nothing.

I read an article that shared that I have reached the magical unemployable age--nobody wants me.

My years of schooling mean nothing.
I will never be able to use my degrees.
Oh, the time that seems wasted on learning superfluous facts and thoughts and the pursuit of possibility.  I can't look back.

I have a little painting on my desk of Jesus being stripped--the 10th station.
In the world, in the church, in life---humility.

My lovely wife gave the title A Lost Shepherd--years back.
I wonder if it stuck a little too well!

And so, the page turned...

And, who knows...there are still two manuscripts out there that I may pick up...but for now...
I need to get to work.


Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Praylium has been Deleted

It has been a good run...some thoughts, some prayers, some ideas, even some conversation.  The time has come however, for my other blog, Praylium, to be deleted.  Thank you for reading.  Maybe someday--some new, fresh, creative life giving words will need to be shared...until that time...AMEN

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

praylium: Jerusalem, Jerusalem....

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