Friday, July 25, 2014

For Sale (no seriously) A Lost Shepherd's Motorcycle

Life changes and so must we.

I would like to find some way of posting this in a somewhat elegant manner but let's just cut to the chase.

I'm selling my Harley Davidson Softail Slim FLS.

Why?--a reordering of life commitments (and a need to fund my son's musical endeavors...he is slated to tour as an oboist with his orchestra to China next year)

It was a gift from my lovely wife--in celebration of the completion of the book; A Lost Shepherd.   It was a great gift that afforded some great rides.  Just taking an hour or so and tooling around our rural area was nice.  I always began each ride with the sign of the Cross (my wife had me put a Sacred Heart of Jesus visor clip in the bag!).
Pray Anywhere!
On every ride I prayed--there was no automatic turn on of the radio or need to have the cell phone connected.
In many ways it was easier to pray on the motorcycle than in church before Mass!

Maybe that's the point of this--Pray Anywhere.
For me that 'Anywhere' always changes.

2012 Harley Davidson FLS Slim
2700 miles 1690 cc
In the evening with my wife and son and father--the rosary.
In the morning
In the truck
On a mountain
In an airport
On the tractor
In the garden
On the lake
While my son drives...
Just the other evening when an old member of the church where I was the rector stopped over in need of prayer and a chance to talk with my wife.
prayer all the time...
That is why Our Lady of Medugorje says...Pray Pray Pray!!!

The 'Anywhere' becomes the 'Everywhere' and this motorcycle was a great instrument to the 'Everywhere' for me.

 If you are interested please contact this email.
FLS Slim 2012

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Last Day in Italy---an observation

Though I have been home for a few days (attempting to track lost luggage), I have one scene which recurs and I find it somewhat humorous.
Those of you who know me are aware of my sensitivity to clericalism and the many masked forms it takes.
Well, here is how it happened.

I was shopping at the religious goods store at the Vatican (Savelli).  Two ladies who worked there were interested in helping me--it went something like this (add appropriate accents)...

"Yes, may I assist you?"
I kept looking at the fine jewelry in the case, "Yes, thanks I am looking for some earrings for my wife."
"Oh, how nice.  They are over here."  She walked to different counter where another store employee, a lady was standing.  In Italian she shared with the second lady that I was looking for some earrings for my wife--to which the lady smiled and said, "Yes, that is so nice.  I can help you, just a minute please."
I stood by the counter while she finished waiting on her customer--another man.  The man was impatient and wanted to conduct his purchase at the counter. To which the lady said "No, all transactions are over there." (she pointed to the cash register and of course a line of about 2 or 3 people.
The man replied loud enough for everyone to hear, "I cannot wait.  I have an audience with the Holy Father."
The lady remained patient but her voice and expression changed.  "I am sorry Father, but you will have to wait in line just like everybody else."
He turned in a huff, his pectoral cross swinging...

Yep, true story.

(By the way my wife loved the earrings).