Friday, April 11, 2014

Canonizations, Crowds, and Angst.

As I ready myself for a jaunt to Rome and Vatican City I find myself experiencing more of a desire to stay home.
Don't get me wrong, I am very appreciative of my family making the sacrifices for my trip.
And I look forward to seeing a part of the world that has, in many ways been on the geographic periphery of my life (for obvious reasons).

But it wasn't supposed to be this way.  I wasn't supposed to be heading there without my son and my lovely wife.
While the friendship I share with my old classmate is what provided this opportunity--I am just a little out of place.
Allow me to explain...

The purpose of the trek is to go and participate as part of the cloud of witnesses to the canonizations of Popes John 23 and John Paul 2.
My friend and old seminary classmate proposed this adventure a few months back.
He had reserved space at a religious house in Rome and asked if I wanted to accompany him.  The plan is to be at the Vatican for a few days then on to visit his cousins.
Pretty laid back--so laid back that I was trying to figure out how I could travel to a famed english horn craftsman so as to surprise my son with an authentic hand crafted instrument upon my return. A quick lesson in geography taught me that it is more than a simple day trip.  So we are looking at a couple other jaunts (one area that is spiritually significant to me--- though I'm not sure how to write about it--so we will just wait and see if I end up there!)

And there in lies the emotional angst...

I'd rather be looking for an english horn in an obscure village than fighting a crowd in the Vatican.
Always the lost shepherd.

But who knows---there is part of me that is trusting that the Holy Spirit is in some way taking me to this place and time.  It was John Paul who interceded and assisted in bringing me and my family back home to the Church.  It was John Paul who died that night--when I was on my knees outside the church in Medjugorje --an excommunicated ex-priest..."pray for me, pray for my wife, pray for our son..."

Pope Francis received a copy of A Lost Shepherd sometime last month (via another classmate). While I don't expect to hear from the Holy Father--I pray that at least he 'heard' my testimony of Our Lady of Medjugorje and Pope John Paul.

So it comes full circle--probably now I will find myself way, far far far away from St. Peter's--simply because of the crowds.
But this time I celebrate John Paul and utter a different prayer...."Thanks!  oh, and please keep praying for me, my wife and our son."

Monday, April 7, 2014

From Zenit Vatican News....

ZENIT: It is also said that John Paul II desired to visit Medjugorje. Can you confirm this?
Monsignor Oder: Speaking privately with his friends, the Pope said more than once: “if it were possible, I would like to go.” They are words that must not be interpreted, however, with a character of recognition or of being official in regard to the events in the Bosnian country. The Pope was always very careful in what he did, knowing the importance of his post. There is no doubt, however, that things are happening at Medjugorje that are transforming people’s heart, especially in the confessional. So the desire expressed by the Pope should be interpreted from the point of view of his priestly passion, that is, his wish to be in a place where a soul seeks Christ and finds him, thanks to a priest, through the sacrament of reconciliation or of the Eucharist.
ZENIT: And why didn’t he go?
Monsignor Oder: Because not everything is possible in life …

Friday, April 4, 2014

Typical Day in the Life of An Ex-Priest...

A few ask---so here it is.

8 AM--Attending First Friday Holy Mass and confession with my son and niece
(decided a donut without frosting was okay little treat in Lent)
8:45 --Dropped off niece at school, returned home, checked on my father and readied to leave for work.

Late Morning--appointment and visit with mother to set up family conference and supports

Stop by my lovely wife's work--treated her with a tea and some bread (which turned out to be a cookie)

Surprises stop by old employment--for quick visit, met a seminarian and talked about priesthood.

Banking--to convert dollars to euros for pending trip to Vatican (Did I mention that Pope Francis has a copy of A Lost Shepherd?)

Afternoon--home for an hour preparing work for upcoming evening family session and conference. (and this quick blog entry)

Evening--leading a family conference

Then pick up my son from swim practice and home by 8 pm.

Nighttime--we are doing Louis de Montfort's Consecration--today is Day 31!  Maybe we can pray Stations of the Cross together....?

Then to bed (Amen)
and hopefully finishing the book The Robe (part of my son's homeschooling curriculum and a family read--as usual i am last to finish)

So, not all 'ex-priests' have agendas or gripes that are being carried around--nope just guys living the faith!  Thanks for asking.